What is Resurgence

Resurgence is a full conversion HL2 mod by Jacol which was started before I joined but required some customisation such as custom UI, a weapon skin system and other additions so since Jacol helped with Aftermath I accepted his offer to join and began working on Regurgence.

A lot of features where added to the mod after time and it was being built farily fast with many custom models, materials and great maps being built by Jacol but the initial set of maps where lost and the mod was pushed back a lot, by this time the mod had been greenlit and Jacol wanted something to go out so a new mod was created called "The Union" which was a much smaller mod with less features.

"The Union" or "The Onion" as I like to call it was easier to handle for me personally and had some interesting ideas and design, recently the mod was integrated back into Resurgence as a DLC addition because of recent Greenlight changes. Some features will be described on the Blog but nothing about the mod specificly that can spoil anything.

Resurgence screenshot