My name is Thomas, also known as Tingtom! I love to code and currently work as a Software Engineer.

I try to keep the site up to date with current projects I'm working on, most blog posts will be write-ups on features I've added to Source but I'm always working on something random.


Latest Blog Entries

Showing Legs in Source SDK

An interesting addition to Aftermath was to show the legs of the player, each player could look down at their own player model which allowed each player to have a kind of representation in the game as they can see themselves and know which character they are

HTML UI in Source SDK

I always think I've reached the limits of the Source engine but I think I'm just not giving the engine enough credit, for Resurgence we keep messing around with the UI and one day I had an idea for using the HTML control for it which will allow it to be prototyped faster and allow non-programmers to provide a proper representation instead of an image.

Enabling brush ladders

A request while working on Resurgence was to add brush ladders which are a simpler implementation that don't use dismount points but instead fling you off the ladder at the top or bottom.

What is Aftermath? (2/2)

What is Aftermath? Aftermath is a Source SDK mod created and started by me for learning the Source engine and for fun. The mod was inspired from the infamous "zombies" mode in Black Ops after having a lot of fun playing it with friends, the original idea was to fully replicate the mode as much as possible with sounds and models from the game.

ambient_generic OnEnd event

A quick snippet of code for the ambient_generic entity that will fire an output event when the sound has finished.